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has anyone done a nuzlocke run of a fire emblem game yet? like, if a character dies in battle, you’re not allowed to use them anymore.

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The Order of the Wild Rose is hosting a 1 year anniversary party tomorrow (10/21) through Sunday. Come stop by our house in Mist ward 3, plot 4 and party with us. We’ll also be holding daily raffles with prizes including original character art by Enko Namaki, champion of the Fanfest art contest. We’ll also be hosting a few events throughout the week. Get naked and come party, the Rose way.

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roundr bal big SO TAST but no INBISBEL SHELD very INCREDGUL

Trick em treats it is my feets pleas give me candys this is ghost costumes
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I did the thing!!! First post has 7 pages for the launch, then I’ll be posting one page every Monday and Friday. Thanks sooooo much for all your support and encouragement through the years, guys!! I’m so freakin’ happy to finally have this out there~~!!

Finally finally finally, check out our webcomic at http://devilscandycomic.com/! It is a real thing, I promise!

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"Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Special Arrangement Medley"

I was not prepared for the DELUGE OF FEELINGS I got from this.

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SPEAKING OF THAT MEME fox texted me her xenoblade one and I was like “NO”

then a bit later she said she hoped to see more about XBX soon and I was like “the way they [clenches fist] just x all those xenoblades” AND SHE YELLED AT ME THATS NOT FAIR

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